Britt’s worst nightmare!

Britt’s worst nightmare!

Or one of them, at least. Tumbleweeds are a fact of life when you live in the northern prairies, especially during times of drought. Every summer I pull out thousands of Russian thistle from my lawn and flower beds. The trick is to get them when they are young and tender, before they grow into a snarl of thorns.

It is best to pull them out when they are tiny and thornless.

Once they get this big you can’t even pull them out of the ground. Plus they are filled with thorns.

Eventually, these tumbleweeds of death dry up and break off their roots. Then the wind sends them tumbling across your land, leaving thousands of seeds in their wake.

I think what happened in the video is that a dust devil hit a pile of these pesky things and started flinging them around.

It can get worse, though. Much worse.

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