Why are conservative memes so unfunny?

Why are conservative memes so unfunny?

Conservative memes suck. They are not funny. They rely on bigotry and hate. Instead of speaking truth to power, they are using power to oppress. Let’s look at a few examples.

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Not funny.

What is this? OH HO HO Michelle is a man! How is that funny? Is the joke supposed to be that black women are masculine? Is the joke that Obama is not a man? Either way, this meme is a racist dog whistle that only would appeal to bigoted anti-feminist racists that are still crying that Obama was President. The sad thing is that I still see this meme circulating.

take that you silly liberals! follow me for more conservative ...
Also unfunny.

Two genders? Michelle vs Melania? This meme continues along the path that black women are not feminine trope. What else is this meme saying? That women who are educated and have an independent career are men, while women who have made a career out of being a trophy wife are female? No offense to Melania. When you marry for money you work for every penny, and you could have done better. Unless, of course the rumors are true and you are a Russian operative. In that case you are a superstar!

How do you Californians like the taste of your own medicine? - meme

How about #NotDemocracy! People have the right to dissent. Participation in the Union does not mean blind devotion to every numskull that manages to get elected on a platform to destroy everything. It is not democratic to say “oh the majority of the people in that state voted for the other guy so when disaster strikes them we won’t provide any federal tax dollars toward fixing their problems. That is not legal. If a state cannot count on the federal government providing services as basic as disaster relief, maybe they shouldn’t be a part of the Union at all. Then all those red states can really get to know what pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps really means once all those blue state tax dollars stop rolling in.

What is this crap? It is not worth bothering to address the problem that these meme makers do not even know what ‘liberal’ means. It is worth mentioning, however, that they are grouping “Liberals” with “illegals” and “living off the government”. What does that even mean?


Are they saying something is wrong with poor people?

Define ‘illegal’. Humans are not illegal no matter how much you dislike a certain subset of them.

Are they admitting that they hope Trump will do something to get rid of people they have no use for?

Conservative Memes * Free State of V * Satire

OH HARDY HAR!! So hilarious!

How about when you suck at basic decency and don’t have a single F%#*k to give about police brutality. Black men are being murdered in the streets by bad cops who usually go unpunished for their crimes.

Instead of asking why Colin Kaepernick is making a statement about social inequality in America, these loser meme makers ignore the message and sharpen their knives to kill the messenger.

How is that working out for you racists?

trump german hillary - Shut Up, German Hillary Before Islap Your Canadian Girlfriend
How dare Merkel talk back to Trump?!

Oh here we go. Same repetitive themes. This German Hilary is now the leader of the ‘free world’ since Trump and his handlers have been too incompetent to hang on to that role. None of the other world leaders can actually believe how stupid that Trump is and the danger he has caused to global stability. Angela Merkel’s IQ is probably twice that of Trump’s, but what do conservatives have to say?

They say “oh look, German Hilary needs to be put in her place for being a woman”. That’s right, this meme is all about suppressing women and condoning violence against women. How unfunny. They don’t have the guts YET to actually suggest that Trump beats Merkel, so they use Trudeau as a proxy. Trudeau, a Liberal, with a capital L is viewed by conservatives as a woman because his liberal views have emasculated him. So. hilarious! Liberals are all women and need to be slapped around.

trump trudeau memes - What Keeps A Man'S Knees From Touching When He Sits? Balls

That’s right. Liberals have no balls. They are women. Trump has balls. Conservatives are MEN.

2018 summit meme merkel trump

Now see Merkel emasculate every man in the room except for Trump. Trump can resist the screaming banshee shrew that is a woman in power. Oh how strong and masculine Trump is. Look at those guns!

chuck schumer meme - Trump
Not funny and not cool.

A lot of conservative memes are about inciting violence against their perceived enemies.

Why is it necessary to create a meme of Trump beating Chuck Schumer?

What about Chuck offended the Trumpist? Was it because he is a Democrat? Is it because he is Jewish? Is Schumer a Jewish Democrat that opposes Trump’s policies so therefore he is a woman and needs a good beating? What is this meme trying to say?

I honestly can't understand the logic behind conservative memes ...

The meme actually promotes the message that liberals are not violent enough. What? Yeah, that is clearly what is being said here. Liberals have man buns, skinny jeans and drink soy lattes. Even worse, the drive ELECTRIC scooters! The humanity! Worst of all is that these wimps let their target off with just a warning. I guess Biden country is a safe place, more or less.

Wow so many conservative memes and no laughs to be found. They are all just a bunch of bigoted and racist symbols calling for violence. Violence is never funny. Nor is violence a show of strength, or an answer to political frustrations.

All this energy on bad memes would be better spent educating oneself on what democracy is, and what liberalism is and what conservatism is. So far, its the Russian Trolls that are doing all the winning.

knows nothing about politics posts pro conservative memes - scum ...
Now this! This is funny!

3 thoughts on “Why are conservative memes so unfunny?

      1. Better, much better!

        The last one was really funny, and so true. A GF of mine in SL, she said she didn’t have any clue about politics, and wanted nothing to do with politics, not even talk about it. But when I talked about Marx and Guevara she got angry and knew quite sure they were both mass murderers and the most evil men on the planet … ever!
        Is that what American pupils learn in school today?

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