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Moe calls research on excess deaths by U of T Prof “egregious misinformation”

3 children with COVID19 in Saskatchewan ICU

$3.7 Million raised for Truckers for Freedom, but GoFundMe freezes funds

Feed shortage threatens cattle producers

extreme drought has reduced hay and feed grain supply

shipments of corn delayed due to extreme cold weather, COVID19 labour challenges, and supply chain issues

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“It is troubling that this information was not being properly reported in the government’s daily COVID-19 updates,” Moe said. “However, Saskatchewan continues to report the lowest per capita COVID-19 fatality rate in Canada for the month of January, below provinces that have introduced the strictest lockdown policies.”

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serious animal welfare issue warns Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association

missing from the database were 11 ICU and 6 hospital admissions

Saskatchewan audits COVID19 death toll and find ‘database error’

Province reported 0 deaths between Jan6th and Jan20th but true toll was 9

someone forgot to ‘refresh’ the database filter

MPs defy O’Toole and vote to keep Senator Denise Batters with Saskatchewan caucus

Saskatchewan could more than double its record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in February

Disaster looming in Saskatchewan!

Baby, 2 adults, and a teenager, found dead in field near Manitoba-U.S. border

part of a larger group of migrants that attempted to cross into the United States

Victims were abandoned in blizzard conditions with -35 windchill

Saskatchewan Unions demand gathering limits and restriction of travel between communities

SUN warns that nurses are spread thin

STF, SFL, CUPE, SGEU, SEIU, and SUN want the government to adopt Shahab’s Jan 12th recommendations

“We need to make sure we have the health-care services and all other services for the people of Saskatchewan.”

Judy Henley (CUPE)

Workers are tired

Saskatoon Hospitals “stuffed to the gills”!

Hospitalizations to rise for weeks

Alberta hospitals admitting more young people for COVID19

40 kids in hospital

9 kids in ICU

3 kids aged 5-9 have died

Alberta hospitalizations near pandemic high

1089 in hospital

108 in ICU

Saskatchewan Schools move online

Alberta restaurant that accepted dog photos instead of QR codes closed to dining

-indoor dining to remain closed until owners submit a written plan for implementing the restrictions exemption program

-owners blame “underage host”

RCMP Training Academy hit with COVID19 outbreak

199 people in Saskatchewan hospitals, 21 of them in ICU

Jason Kenney tells Justice Minister to “step back” pending investigation

-Justice Minister Kaycee Madu in hot water after calling Police Chief about traffic ticket

-Energy Minister Sonya Savage becomes acting Minister of Justice

Alberta’s jails have highest COVID19 rate in Canada

Regina Public Schools move online to slow spread of COVID19

Schools collapse from the strain

1000+ Albertans in hospital with COVID19

-94 in ICU

-72K+ active cases

-Alberta Minister of Health Jason Copping tests positive

-23 deaths over weekend including a young child

Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu fined for distracted driving after using cellphone in a school zone

-made call to Edmonton police chief to “discuss” the ticket

-NDP calls for resignation

Sewage testing shows that Omicron surge may have peaked already according to the Star Phoenix

Sewage testing shows increase of 107% in Saskatoon, 800% in PA, 12% in North Battleford so which is it?

Saskatoon SPCA and Regina Humane Society unable to continue enforcing provincial animal welfare laws

-Province denied funding

-will no longer investigate animal abuse

59% believe Moe is doing a terrible job

Saskatchewan hospitals are filling up fast!

40 patients need beds!


United Grassroots and Saskatchewan Party in bed together

MORE THAN 10K active cases in Saskatchewan. 1412 new cases reported Friday.

System can’t handle the case spike

Saskatoon has welcomed 200 Afghan refugees

3 profs sue University of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba because they don’t want to get vaxxed

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Mayor of La Loche still waits for answers from Premier Scott Moe.

Over 800 in Alberta hospitals

Alberta OVID19 hospitalizations up 96% over past 2 weeks

517 in Manitoba hospitals

131 in Saskatchewan hospitals


Did you catch COVID19 on the job? Make sure you get a PCR test

Someone knows where this child and her anti-vaxxer father are. Turn him in!

Shahab wants stronger mask orders after Scott Moe breathed COVID19 on him

Thousands of teachers and students absent in Edmonton due to COVID19

Former Camp Hope residents homeless again after apartment building fire

Dozens of Saskatchewan care homes suffer COVID19 outbreaks

Saskatoon School redeploy staff due to rising COVID19 cases

All truckers MUST be fully vaccinated to cross border

Scott Moe tests positive for COVID19